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How to nourish a healthy heart

Because next month is Heart Month, I decided to record a new, improved version of one of last year’s most popular webinars, “Your Healthy Heart”.

My co-host Ginney Sanders and I bring you the very best information on how to achieve the piece of mind that comes with knowing you have a healthy heart. Even if you viewed last year’s edition, you will want to tune in to this new training to learn the latest.

You’ll discover:

  • Heart health warning signs
  • The real story about cholesterol and high blood pressure
  • A new, improved definition of a “healthy heart”
  • 7 key ingredients for a healthy heart
  • And much more!

View the webinar recording right now by clicking on this link:

If you want to know how to nourish and support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, this webinar lays out what to do, step-by-step.


Dr. Carolyn Dean

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