RnA Drops


“Perhaps we are experiencing a shift from a world economy of competing and polluting industrial nation-states to a global ecology of noetic polities in which consciousness will become a symbiotic architecture of organisms and machines, one in which pollution is mined as a natural resource in a cultured bacterial technology and a complex ecology of ‘living machines’ and electronic organisms. Certainly, to track and describe this new emergent state, we shall need the narratives of complex dynamical systems. Perhaps here science fact and science fiction are coming together to open our imaginations to the future and the possibilities of multidimensional modes of consciousness that can be both mystical and  mathematical.”

William Irwin Thompson,

TRANSFORMING HISTORY: A Curriculum for Cultural Evolution, Lindisfarne Books, 2001, p.188

These powerful observations from a decade gone-by ripple through the multiverse and create a demand for the new food of the Ascended [21st century] Human that will allow for enhanced cellular replication.  Amazingly, RnA Drops deliver that capacity through new information in a breakthrough cellular technology called the iCell.

The iCell is a “newly” created cell that is incubated and harvested using germinated barley. Included in that germination process:

  • Clover seeds
  • Pepper seeds
  • Egyptian Frankincense
  • Alfalfa water
  • A live yeast sponge

Additionally, an electrical current is used to simulate the curing process to solidify the iCell in a contained field.

iCells occur in nature as do naturally-occurring yeast spores which are ambient and not specific to a particular environment and have an effect on other organisms. iCells have appeared inadvertently throughout man’s existence but remained inconsistently identified until now. RnA Drops deliver the power of the iCell through a patented liquid formula that is highly absorbable 100% natural, vegan formula that is compatible with all foods, supplements and medicines, safe at every level and shown to have no known side effects.

How RnA Drops Work

Information about how the iCell works are found in the patent application which can be viewed online here.

Cell membranes are positively affected by the iCell. A cycle of production ensues within the cellular cytoplasm promoting healthy cells and the creation of new stabilized amino acids like trimethyllysine.

There is a relationship between the iCell and amino acids (lysine and trimethyllysine), lipids, phospholipids and pico minerals that allows the cell’s ion channels within the cell membrane to become more permeable to necessary nutrients.

The iCell process enhances the production of trimethyllysine, a necessary component in the transport and breakdown of lipids. Trimethyllysine is a component of histone proteins; a precursor of carnitine; and the coenzyme of fatty acid oxidation.

Carnitine is created from lysine and methionine making a quaternary ammonium compound. In living cells, it transports fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria as lipids are being broken down to generate metabolic energy.

RnA Drops Quality and Potency

RnA Drops contain certified organic barley that is grown in the United States and germinated in a controlled environment.
RnA Drops are free of fillers, additives, and artificial sweeteners.
RnA Drops are free from genetically modified ingredients.
RnA Drops are gluten-freen, vegan and kosher.
RnA Drops are produced under according to highly detailed specifications. Additionally, best practices are used in growing, production and bottling process.
RnA Drops are made in the USA.
No animal testing.

Additional Information: RnA Drops Test Gluten-Free

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  1. Ginny I just ordered the drops for myself and my dad…He’s 70 years old and he said he can feel his energy increasing. So tell me, Am I able to become an affiliate for the products and if so where would I go to obtain more information.

    • Hi, Shirley! Oh, good! Glad to hear your dad is responding so well – it’s really exciting, isn’t it?!? To answer your question about affiliates, From 2011 – 2014 our former distributor ran a modest affiliate program and wholesale program in various forms and types of compensation programs with much stress, headache, product breech and the like. Effective April 1, 2014 we broke ties with that distributor and now Carolyn Dean holds the whole brand in her steady hands and will not do that again…smile! To that end…you are welcome to recommend the product in any way, of course, but we cannot compensation you for that action. We do offer a discount of 10% on bottles of 12 or more per product [sample bottles excluded] but they cannot be advertised or resold on line. The Completement Formulas were developed with individual use and personal empowerment in mind so we try to keep the product as close to the consumer as possible. Hope this answers your questions.

  2. How can I get Dr Deans newsletters, I sent my email & subcribed but nothing yet & that was 2 days ago.


  3. Hey Ginney !!
    Just what exactly do the RNA drops do? Are they for aging inside & out (to not age as fast ?). Will they improve diseases like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzsheimers???? Heart disease, arthritis????
    Would every person benefit from these drops?


    • Hello, Janice! Thank you for your interest in the RnA Drops – the results vary from person to person and of course, we wouldn’t make any claims other than to say that the nutrients and information in the RnA Drops provide the biological sugars your body requires in cell replication. From there the body’s own intelligence takes over and utilizes the amino acids and sugars for its benefit. We have amazing reports of what people have experienced using the RnA Drops and we provide a trial size bottle for $14.99 so you can experience them for yourself!

  4. Hello, where can I reference the science or scientific studies on this product? Have there been any studies or trials done?

    • Hello, Wanda! Thank you for your interest in our products. All our information is anecdotal and extrapolated from laboratory tests performed on a routine basis. We are pleased to offer a sample size of our product so you can experience it for yourself as well 🙂

  5. The ingredient list states it’s made from organic barley. As I understand it, anyone who has an AI disease needs to be gluten free which means no wheat, rye or barley.

    • Yes, the sugars are derived from a barley germination process however the formula itself is gluten-free and certified as such from generation to generation.

      • Hi Ginney. When the RNA drops are certified as gluten free, is it completely gluten free or is it at or below 20 ppm, meaning that it contains trace amounts of gluten? Is it third party tested and certified to be gluten free?

      • Hello, Tasha

        The gluten free is <10ppm as a rule.

        We send the RnA Drops to a 3rd part lab to be tested and they provide us with the information that it is gluten free.

  6. I forgot to put my bottle of RNA drops in the fridge. They were on my kitchen counter about 10 hours and the house was about 82 degrees when I got home from work. 😦 Is it still safe to use the drops and will the potency be affected? I’m so so bummed! I still have over half the bottle left. I took my drops tonight and hoping it’s not that big of a deal. Thanks!!!

    • Hello, Amir!

      ReMag and ReMyte are minerals – and are very beneficial for your health.

      In terms of MMS1 and MMS2 that is not part of Dr. Dean’s protocol so I cannot comment on that.

      Are you using MMS1?

  7. Hi Ginney

    I have been taking the drops for about a week now, and didn’t realize that they should be stored in the fridge. Does that mean they have gone bad ? I do notice a very yeast-like taste to them, is that normal ?
    Also when I received the drops, they were not packed with a cool-pack….


    • Hello, Natalie!

      GINNEY in Customer Support emailing you tonight – somehow your post got buried on our blog and I didn’t see your question – since that time have you gotten the support you need?

  8. Hi Ginney, Just recently ordered about $210 worth of products for my mom in Florida and same amount for my husband but had his sent to a friend in Washington because I though we were going to her house to visit next weekend. (We live in Canada).
    Anyway, our plans to go there changed AND she was unexpectedly away for a few days before she picked it up. It was very hot there and I was wondering if the package was exposed to hot humid weather for 4 days will it be ruined?
    Also, if it is okay still, when she brings it to me in about three weeks, will she be able to bring it to me to Canada?
    Thank you! Pam

    • Hello, Pam – the RnA Drops formula is very stable and heat resistant – that is a common question in the summer. SO FAR we haven’t had any issues. Is she refrigerating it now? It should be stored cold until she brings it to you. ALSO you may ask her to open it gently over the kitchen sink and let any effervescent bubbling escape before flying with it again! Let me know if that answers your question?

    • Hello, Marlene! GINNEY in Customer Support emailing you today – I hate to be a big bummer here but you know we really can’t make claims for circumstances like the one your son and grandchildren are in. What we can do is say that Dr. Dean’s protocol and extra-ordinary formulas will support the body in many wonderful ways and a body that is stressed out from a condition like they have shouldn’t have the additional stress of not being able to get magnesium, minerals, and the proper amino acids and vitamins in the cells, right? So, yes, will they help – you bet they will! Will they cure…we aren’t allow to even claim or speculate about that. Does that make sense?

    • Hi, Stephen – yes you can take the Drops any time of the day – I prefer the morning BUT I’ve taken them every imaginable time of day with much success.

  9. Started 2 weeks ago with the magnesium and the RnA drops. Looks like healing as accelerated for extreme psoriasis type of skin conditions which lasted for 1 year and 8 months. After have walked so many roads I almost can not believe that HEALING IS happening. Although I think it is too soon to be outspoken joyful. For now gratitude for these products and the creator of them.

    • Hello, Reemi! GINNEY emailing you this morning- soooo thrilled to hear about your progress! YIPPEE!! RELIEF!!! Wonderful! I will share your comments with Dr. Dean – keep us posted!

  10. How long are we supposed to wait for a drop to come out of the bottle? It seems to be thicker than molasses! I think I’ve gotten 2-3 drops out since I got it a few weeks ago but I’ve essentially given up on it. Even shaking it up and down doesn’t help. Would there be any problem if I used a toothpick to get some out.

    • he RnA Drops are particularly thick right now – which is good – but it can be a problem to get them out of the trial size bottle.

      You can use a thin, dull table knife to take the European style dropper out of the bottle. This is the big obstacle. Once it’s removed you can add a few drops of spring water to the formula, shake and then the consistency should be such that the Drops roll right out of the dropper.

      Then, drop one or two RnA Drops into your mouth and hold it in your saliva for 30 seconds or so.

      You can also remove the eurodropper altogether and use a recycled regular medicine dropper to get the drops out.

      The RnA Drops trial size bottle was really designed to let folks experience the Drops – to taste their clean, sprouted taste and to experience their ALIVE nature! It’s not a bottle that we recommend for repeated use and once you graduate to the Regular size bottle you’ll get a normal dropper and it will be much easier to use.

  11. Are the icells stem cells ? Is that what the technology is in the RnA drops. the reason I ask is that we’ve been looking into some stem cell technology remedies

    • Hi, Tim!

      GINNEY emailing you today – the iCells do start their absorption in the tissues of the mouth and saliva but ALSO the RnA Drops are very low ph – similar to ACV – and the iCells actually thrive in that low ph – so, yes, the hold up beautifully in the gut!

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